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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  November 21, 2014 9:00am-9:31am PST

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a passenger attacks a bus driver. with a full bottle of alcohol. >> the beatdown that left witnesses shaken and stir to action. boaters are thrilled to spot a great white. did they not see "jaws?" they need a bigger boat. this one is missing a bite or two. firefighters have a burning bundle on their hands. >> that is a propane tank. >> the video gives new meaning
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to hold your fire. >> plus the buzz word for your shot at a new ipad mini. >> and the just-released trailer for "pitch perfect two" featuring -- >> somebody who's been on "right this minute." >> she speaks eight languages. >> now telling us about his time on the set. >> i was there for about five weeks. >> you got a big role. >> no. i'm very bad at my small role. this comes from a passenger on a bus in australia. one passenger was just being vocal, lots of bad language. the bus driver stops the bus and asks him to get off. >> there is a 28-year-old man. the driver is 44 years old. the 28-year-old decides he is feeling offending that he is offending people and starts attacking the driver.
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as he is raining blows on him, watch what happens. there. hit over the head with a full bottle of alcohol. this is where this gentleman in the black shirt with blue jeans comes along without escalating the situation, uses his body as a shield and separates the guy and protects the driver. the guy even puts him in a choke hold. i have to give this guy credit, creates a human barrier to prevent this guy from attacking any more and he gets off the bus. he comes back again. >> close the bus doors. >> gives a shove and walks off. there is more to it than that. one of the witnesses followed this guy home and saw where he went to. they called police. police turned up.
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this guy allegedly used a knife. malicious damage, assault, assault police and resist arrest. all because he wouldn't get off the bus. just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water. there's the shark i'm talking about. the shark in question is reportedly more than 13 feet long. >> you think you're safe inside that boat. did they not see "jaws"? they are going to need a bigger boat. >> it was after their catch. they are trying to reel in their catch. >> that was a big fish. [ bleep ]. >> turns out he not only bit the fish, bit the boat. now they say they've got giant teeth mark shaped chunk out of the side of their boat.
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you hear they are trying to get it in gear really fast. >> you don't have to necessarily be so scared. that was off the coast of australia, but this next video, off the coast of california. >> that is exactly like a shot from "jaws." >> after he taste that first bite of metal, this isn't a tasty treat. he is just swimming around the back of the boat. >> there is a reason why that shark is so interested. you see one shark in the proximity of something, guess what? there are sharks all over the place. >> when they eat your boat, it's weird. >> fire fighting is a down and
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dirty hands-on job. these chinese firefighters really get their hands on the fire. that's a propane tank that caught fire. it was in an apartment on the sixth floor of this building. the hose that attached that tank to the stove top had broken. these guys are trying to get the tank out of the building. you may be thinking this thing could explode. not exactly. the tank is not under pressure because it is leaking fuel. it's not going to explode in their hands, but they still have risks. >> is it odd they are carrying this burning contraption down all these stairs? didn't they go up there with something to put that fire out. >> they probably didn't want to spray this apartment full of water. >> this is how people cook, everyone has one thing you cook. this happens quite a lot.
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>> you're right. here is another video showing a similar thing at a restaurant. firefighters working on a fire. they've got a propane tank there on fire. they drag that one outside but there were multiple propane tanks in this restaurant. they get the one that's burning outside. you see other firefighters working. they get the additional tanks out of the heat, let them cool down so there isn't an explosion. >> how crazy we have two videos of firefighters carrying propane tanks that are on fire out of buildings, with the flames blowing a them. ee away another id mini. >> there can't be any left. all you need is friday's buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> that buzz word is coming up in a little bit. >> enter the "right this minute" ipad mini give away.
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cyclists, motorcyclists keep your eyes open on the road. you are going to see you never know what is going to come across your way. watch this guy as he's on his bicycle. in atlanta, georgia, about to cross this intersection. >> didn't see that one coming. i was sure it was going to be the car. >> it's the pedestrian that is not really paying attention, right? >> and crossing on the green. >> yeah. they both end up on the ground. sounds like it hurts. >> check this video out in australia. these guys on motorcycles enjoying this beautiful day. what's this? >> right in front of him. this kangaroo. he missed him completely. the guy looks back. what the heck happened?
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>> that is scary as a motorcyclist. i'm always terrified of that, too. >> there is nothing you can do. fortunately this guy got super lucky. >> mom and dad are northernwestern fans. this cutie is rooting for a different team. >> who do you want northwestern or notre dame? >> notre dame. >> this might be the cutest rivalry ever. >> a home camera catches unexpected visitors and look what they are doing. they are taking things. what they took that makes this break-in a bigger bummer. inintrtrododucucining.. a pm pain reliever ththatat d darareses t to ok alall l ththe e waway y u. ththe e amam.. nenew w alaleveve e pm ththe e ononlyly o one toto c comombibinene a a s sad plus the 12 2 hohourur s strtreh ofof a aleleveve..
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this person in silicon valley, california, had a horrible 30th birthday. this is not a surprise party
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somebody planned for her. these are thieves. they've broken into her home and they are taking things. if you notice, they've got their faces covered. >> lame attempt. >> the homeowners have a drop cam. that is activated when there is motion in the house when her dad's cell phone isn't home. these guys come in, the camera starts rolling. unfortunately, they took jewelry that belonged to her deceased mother and stepmother's engagement ring. thief got bags. they walk out of the front door in broad daylight. that gives me a sense of violation. >> it seems they would so easily catch these guys because their face is right there if it's shared enough, somebody is bound to go, i know that jerk. >> now they are on national tv. santa clara county sheriff's office says they are still
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looking for these guys. >> the nypd is looking for this guy. if you notice, he's got something in his hand. he's pouring it inside the window at this deli in manhattan and sets it on fire. no injuries to the employees. they were able to put it out. in the first part of this video, you don't get a good look at the guy's face but you do in this part othe suspect at the counter getting change from inside the store. >> what's his motive? he theyed him out giving him change. then he tries to burn the place down? >> police are looking for this guy to ask the questions, what the heck are you thinking? >> let's end on a nice freeze frame of those faces. bust him. you know who is a huge notre dame fan? this precious little girl. >> do you want to go to northwestern or notre dame. >> notre dame. >> who do you want to win the
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game? >> notre dame. >> she is wearing northwestern because mom and dad went to northwestern. of course, they immediately thought our daughter is going to be a northwestern fan, right? nope. >> why? >> because i like them. >> yeah? okay. but mommy and daddy went to northwestern. >> oh. >> but who do you want to win? >> um, notre dame. >> okay. that makes daddy sad, is that okay? >> yes. >> is grandpa a notre dame fan? >> well, she is breaking three generations of northwestern fans. northwestern did play notre dame. northwestern won. check out this precious little girl. this is her first time out on the snow.
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this is cincinnati, ohio. she is a member of one of our producers. looks like she likes the snow. >> she is looking for a little trail. >> she is 20 months old. apparently this is the real first encounter with snow. >> 25-year-old cereal. does it age like fine wine? >> who wakes up and thinks that? >> still to come -- there is a coyote in the yard. >> but the dog is having none of it. >> the coyote turns on him. >> why the dog ain't backing down. >> plus friday's buzz word.
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the fabulous gosh darn adorable gal from southern women are back. >> how are you guys doing? >> that's only because you never say how are you guys? >> how y'all doing. >> i taught y'all a few things. >> you want some unsweetened tea? >> you have to have sweet tea. >> why would you want to be a
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cheerleader? >> i regret income a sorority. >> i'm sure southern woman does not leave without her face painted. >> this must have been just as must fun to come up with as the original concept. >> i agree. >> i don't really care about football. >> i'm not riding in that truck. >> i'm not peeing in the woods. >> i'm not drinking beer out of a can. >> we don't have any crazy people in our family. >> said no southerner ever. >> i hate dolly parton. >> that's sacrilegious. >> don't feed that to the dog. >> every southern person feeds everything to their dog. >> i'm waiting for you to show up. >> i would love it if i turned up in the middle of this. i would travel to be in one of these videos. >> your accent is becoming
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bigger. >> tastes just as good without the butter. >> one thing that caught me off guard when i moved to north america, you've got animals in your backyard. this is from alber outside because it's cold enough. what does that attract? a coyote. the dog is having none of it. >> the coyote turns on him. >> the video goes on four minutes. >> there is no real aggression that comes out of it. the kids come in. >> i won't kick you. he'll bite you and eat you. >> does this coyote ever get the meat? >> he gets a few mouthfuls. we never see how it comes out at the end of the video. i've got a second video. we see a lot of these safari
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videos. you have to track animals. this comes from kenya which is very much more that traditional safari. you can see the animals going on. it's like the "lion king." it's awesome. >> what is that and where did it come from? >> i have all kinds of interesting things. it's time to give away an ipad mini. >> you need the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on the win ipad button. >> it's time for us to reveal friday's buzz word. it is pumpkin. >> go over to and click on
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the win ipad button and enter the buzz word pumpkin. >> one day next week we'll have bonus give away day. two winners, one will get an ipad, one will get a flat screen tv. good luck. >> it's the new trailer for pitch perfect two featuring a familiar face. the youtube funny guy tells us what it's like to go hollywood. ththisis i is s ththe e titimr when the flu starts to spread. before the first sneeze, help protect with a spray. bebefoforere t thehe f firirsp defend with a wipe. anand d hehelplp p prereveventn. toto g getet t tenen t timimesen and kill 99.9% ofof g gerermsms a arorounund d ththisis s seaeasoson,n, h helr family with lysol.
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ststarart t hehealalththini
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it's stunning. amazing skills. 60 seconds. people on the internet going crazy because of a sequel. that sequel? "pitch perfect two." ♪ and i sure would like some sweet company ♪ ♪ and i'm leaving tomorrow what do you say ♪ >> as you can see, anna,
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britney, rebel, elizabeth and anna are all back. this time the girls are going global. but there is somebody in this movie that may be familiar to some of you. >> we are going to kick your ass. >> what did you say? >> somebody who's been on "right this minute." >> she speaks eight languages. >> for those who don't know who he is, that is d.j., a friend of "right this minute." he is creativity on steroids. >> let's skype with him now to find out about "pitch perfect two." >> hollywood. >> hello, guys. hello. >> how did you get this movie? >> i was eating a sandwich on thstreet. fell inside the casting office.
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what? >> you've done so many different youtube videos and have gotten so much attention online. what's it like to be on the big screen? >> it feels strange like a dream like you fall asleep and there is a pony and cupcakes and then you awake. who is in the bed with you? a pony and some cupcakes. >> do we hear you sing in this movie? it is a movie about a capella groups. >> i don't want to spoil your alert, but maybe. >> did any of these huge hollywood celebrities know who you are? did they know they were talking to an internet superstar? >> what? i'm just a tiny man with video and internet connection. some people just say hello and i say hello in return. that was nice. >> how many days did you film? how long were you on the set? >> i was there for about five weeks. >> what? you've got a big role. >> no.
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i'm very bad at my small role. you must watch this film. it's like watch me and watch everyone else for it's great. she speaks eight languages. >> your youtube fans know this hollywood success isn't going to take you away from us on youtube. >> i provided duct tape on my lower torso connecting me to a laptop so i shall also upload videos. don't worry. >> you have to wait until may next year to watch it. >> thank you so much, guys. >> that's going to do it for us here on "right this minute." see you next time, everybody.
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how long have you been up before? >> when a driver and his buddy accuse a cop of wrong doing, he gets in a verbal sparring match with these two. >> it doesn't matter to me. >> i guess i am. >> what it was that set off all the trash talk. to lift a cow out of the gutter, all you need is brute strength. >> why these are just the brutes to do it. >> he may look other-worldly. >> this is a human


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